Franz Schubert

Sonata in B flat major, D 960

The recording was played on a Boesendorfer CV280 grand piano, tuned in a historical manner. The character of the various harmonies and keys differs from today's listening habits and possibly comes close to what Schubert heard when he composed his music.

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ERDA music 0101

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1st movement Molto


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John Cage


Thomas speelt het zacht - 3 CDs

Piano music, selected by Thomas Vanderveken,  a.o. played by Leif Ove Andsnes, Hélène Grimaud,

Daniel Barenboim, ….

With „Dream“ by John Cage, played by Tim Ovens

Piano Works by Robert Schumann

Fantasy C major op. 17

Kreisleriana op. 16

STW 95907



Birds Singing in Lonesome Mountains

Ma Xiao Hui, erhu · Tim Ovens, piano

Works by Hua Yan Jun, Liu Tian Hua, Li Yinghai, Bartok, Debussy, Kreisler, and more.

CordAria CACD 553

Putao Shu Le

Xi Yang Xiao


John Cage - Piano Music

Two Pieces for Piano (1935), Daughters of the Lonesome Isle (1945), Ophelia (1946), Water Music (1952), Music for Piano (1956),  One (1988), and more.

CordAria CACD 566-5

In a Landscape


John Cage - Works for Piano Vol. 1

Early Piano Music

Quest, Metamorphosis, A Room, Soliloqui, Dream, Suite for Toy Piano, and more.

CordAria CACD 566-2

Piece for 

Piano II

John Cage - Works for Piano Vol. 2

Music for Prepared Piano - Doppel-CD

Bacchanale, In the Name of the Holocaust, Primitive, Our Spring Will Come, Triple-Paced, and more.

CordAria CACD 566-3

And the Earth

Shall Bear Again

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle

John Cage - Works for Piano Vol. 3

Sonatas & Interludes for prepared piano

CordAria CACD 566

Sonata 2

John Cage - Works for Piano Vol. 4

Music for Piano 1 - 84


CordAria CACD 566-4

Music for Piano 1

Music for Piano 69

Music for Percussion and Piano

Kalamazoo Percussion-Trio (Marcus Linke, Heiko Schäfer, Stephen Fitch), Tim Ovens, Piano

John Cage: Credo in Us for Percussion Trio and Piano,

First Interlude and Sonata II for prepared piano

Also Works by Russell Peck, Roos Terpstra, and more.

 CordAria CACD 528

Credo in Us

Works by Alfred Koerppen

Tim Ovens and Ulrike Bauer-Wirth, piano

Marcus Linke and Doerte Siefert, percussion

Concerto à Quattro for two pianos and percussion

as well as other works.

Concerto à Quattro

 Ars Musici AM 1021-2